15 Easy New Year’s Resolutions that Any Person Can Stick With to Help the Planet

Even though it’s February, I personally think that we should still be considering New Year’s resolutions. Some people might have given up on their New Year’s resolutions and some still might be going strong, but I think that we shouldn’t just be motivated to adopt new, positive habits around the holidays. It should be something that is ongoing all year long. Wake up, get motivated, and have a blast with these simple and easy-to-stick-with New Year’s resolutions that not only help out the environment, but also ones that you can start just about any day of the year:

  1. Turn off the water when brushing our teeth or shaving
  2. Start composting
  3. Recycle and reuse all that you can
  4. Plant a garden; even if it is an herb garden, flower garden, or vegetable garden
  5. Volunteer for a community cleanup to help pick up litter, (you can always organize one as well)
  6. Ride your bike to the store, work, or wherever you need to go instead of taking your car
  7. Carpool as often as you can
  8. Eat less meat (for more information on how eating less meat helps the environment, visithttp://phys.org/news/2015-08-meat-planet.html)
  9. Use reusable grocery bags
  10. Support local businesses and farmers markets
  11. Use biodegradable soaps, all natural detergents, and cleaners
  12. Turn off the lights when you leave a room
  13. Make sure you residence is well insulated, (so you don’t waste energy heating or cooling your home)
  14. Expecting a little one? Give cloth diapering a try, (for more information, give Eat Sleep Play orDiaper Junction a call!
  15. Spread awareness about how to be kind to the environment, as well as all of its inhabitants.

**This article was also featured and published in Planting Seeds in South Carolina magazine. Besides following Elephant Mum, please check out the magazine’s site for more sustainable tips, tricks, and interviews!