15 Holiday Gifts to Inspire Zero Waste Living

As many of you know, zero waste living is an eco-friendly lifestyle, minimizing waste as much as possible. For those that are just starting to live this lifestyle, going zero waste can certainly seem overwhelming. Other people have no idea the lifestyle even exists. Some even think that you are crazy for trying or have no idea why a person would live such a lifestyle. A person could explain how dangerous it is to the environment to keep putting junk in landfills or how living zero waste you have options, such as refusing items, (like receipts or plastic straws), reducing, (not buying what is not needed and using all of products first before buying another of the same product), reusing and re-purposing items, (like jars, glass bottles, cans, etc.), and recycling, (as a last resort if the item can’t be used for anything else). What about extra food? Compost that crap, (crap can be literal if a composting toilet is being used). Yes, it is totally a thing! Looking for a simpler explanation? Here it is…

Striving to live a zero waste lifestyle is about doing all a person can to help the planet and her inhabitants by limiting the waste a person creates, (i.e. getting rid of plastic from his or her life). It’s not about being absolutely perfect. There is no better way to introduce the idea to family and friends this holiday season than getting them a gift that gets them on the zero waste journey!

Below are 15 great gift ideas for those eco-friendly folks! Click on the gift idea for an example of where these products can be purchased.

  1. Reusable shopping bags
  2. Gardening tools
  3. Stainless steel straws
  4. Mason jars
  5. Kitchen/ outdoor compost bin
  6. Klean Kanteen
  7. Un- paper towels
  8. Biodegradable toothbrush
  9. Zero waste hygiene products you made yourself, (sugar scrub in a mason jar)
  10. Books on living zero waste
  11. Cloth bulk bags
  12. For the parents to be: cloth diapers
  13. Bamboo cutting board
  14. Herb, vegetable, and flower seeds
  15. To-Go bamboo utensils

** Enjoy reading about living green and going zero waste? Check out ZOLA Magazine! This article was also featured in its December 2016 issue!