Book Review: Santa’s First Vegan Christmas

I woke up to my toddler son shaking my arm. “BOOK-IE! BOOK! READ-PEAS!” he shouts into my ear, as he continuously shakes a book in my face. After my toddler has been sick with a cold and fever for a few days, it appears that he is feeling better, and only wants  to read the same book that we’ve read over and over every day for the past few weeks: Santa’s First Vegan Christmas written by Robin Raven and illustrated by Kara Maria Schunk. To my son, this book is not only magical and comforting, but entertaining. To me, I feel the exact same way as my son.

In this tale, readers are soon introduced to Dana, the reindeer, who stops Santa from putting a harness on her, so she could help pull Santa’s sleigh. After Dana has a talk with Santa about a reindeer’s plight, his eyes are opened to how to be kinder to animals. On Christmas Eve, one of the most magical nights of the year, Santa and Dana deliver the best gifts ever this holiday season. No, I’m not going to get into what they are, (now common, I’m not going to do a full summary and ruin the story)! I will say together, Santa and Dana make everyone’s holiday merry and bright by spreading kindness and compassion. How they get around is an even bigger surprise.

Raven’s use of gentle words and rhyming make this book truly a delight to read and is sure to put your child into the holiday spirit, while Schunk’s illustrations are bright, beautiful, whimsical and absolutely astounding. I would like to call this book a “new classic”, which simply means this book is certain to become every child’s go-to holiday story and a tradition to read. Forget The Night Before Christmas! Look no further for a classic, holiday tale that is sure to warm the hearts of everyone in the family.

You can order Santa’s First Vegan Christmas on Amazon today and it will arrive just in time for the holidays!


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