Minimizing Room by Room: 5 Tips to Becoming a Minimalist


Less is said to be more, (and can even reduce stress in some ways by creating less to clean up)! Recently, my husband and I decided to live a simpler lifestyle and agreed to downsize our belongings. Let me tell you, it is way easier said than done, (especially with a toddler)! After beginning our minimalist journey, I quickly realized all of the stuff that was broken, rarely used or going totally unused, (besides using up space). This wasn’t just the case with unused kitchen appliances, but in nearly every room of the house. It was time to de-clutter our house and our minds and get rid of the junk!

Wanting to declutter, reduce stress, and learn to embrace less? Categorized by room in your house, here are five tips on how to clear out the crap!


  1. Bedroom: The most clutter you will find in the bedroom is definitely going to be in your closet. Take a gander at your clothes. Are there worn clothes with holes, clothes that no longer fit, clothes that you haven’t worn in the past year, or clothes that you totally forgot that you even had? If so, get rid of all of it! Donate those clothes that you don’t want anymore and don’t fit. Wait, what about shoes?! Find a few different pairs that you use regularly and donate the rest. Do you have trinkets around your room that do not hold sentimental value and are just dust collectors? Get rid of those too. If you don’t, it’s honestly just one more thing you have to clean later.
  2. Kitchen: Now is the time to look through the pantry and the refrigerator. Get rid of stale, expired, and half-eaten-and-have-since-gone-bad food. Do you have appliances that have gone unused or have used maybe once? Donate or sell them. Also, there is no better time than the present then to go through the dishes and silverware to look for anything broken, unused, or just plain nasty. Donate and get rid of it if you don’t want it. In all honesty, you don’t need a lot of dishes.
  3. Living/Dining Room: These rooms are all about the trinkets and décor. If you don’t love it or it doesn’t hold sentimental value for you, donate or sell it to someone that might appreciate it. Also, we could talk about something that really isn’t an item in your household, but takes money out of your wallet every month: cable and streaming services. If you watch cable, then keep it. If you don’t cancel it. It could save you money! This same concept goes for streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc. If you don’t watch them, cancel it and save some dough!
  4. Family/Toy Room: If you have children, this might be the hardest thing to get rid of: toys. If they are old enough, you could always get them involved in picking out their favorites and telling them to help choose which ones they want to donate. If they aren’t old enough, sell or donate toys that are outgrown and aren’t played with at least once per week. As parents, we can pick out which ones are favorites. Books are also a hard one to comb through. Pick out your favorites, as well as your child’s, and donate or sell the rest. Learn to embrace your local library or digital books on your e-reader, laptop, or phone.
  5. Bathroom: This one is really hard for some people, (especially if you love having a bunch of perfumes or hair products available to you). Your first step to pairing down this room is to go through your closet, medicine cabinet, and shower. Get rid of doubles and embrace multi-purpose items, (i.e. coconut oil can be used for many different things, but can be used as a moisturizer and makeup remover). Get rid of old makeup and only keep what you really use. The same principle goes for hair products, hair tools, soaps, shampoos, etc.


**This article is also featured in the April/May 2017 issue of Planting Seeds in South Carolina.


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    Very good post ✨

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      Thank you, MakeItUltra!

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