Four Things Visitors Will Learn When Attending Family Sunday Fun Day 2017 at Cotton Branch Farm Animal Sanctuary

The 3rd Annual Cotton Branch Family Sunday Fun Day is coming up quick, (May 7th, 2017 to be exact)! This is the public’s chance to come and see what Cotton Branch Farm Animal Sanctuary is all about! Visitors are welcomed by an amazing picnic with yummy plant-based burgers, hot dogs, Josh’s homemade chili, (which definitely CANNOT be missed), and slaw! Of course, the picnic will finish off with some fantastic desserts. After filling the bellies of visitors, it’ll be time to meet the residents of Cotton Branch!

Not every activity in life involves a lesson, but everyone that visits Cotton Branch for Family Sunday Fun Day can expect to learn a few things, even if learning a lesson or two is the last thing that any visitor would expect to happen. When visiting the sanctuary, one can expect to at least learn the following:

  1. Compassion: Many people that are visiting the sanctuary have a boat-load of compassion for animals. Usually, that is why people are visiting in the first place. If this is a person’s first time visiting Cotton Branch and coming face to face with farm animals, it’ll change his or her world. By world, meaning, way of thinking about farm animals. Usually, people have interacted with dogs and cats before, but not necessarily a farm animal. A visitor will quickly learn how these animals are sentient beings that have feelings just as humans do. Meeting with these animals is enough to make anyone’s heart fill with love and compassion.
  2. The Truth: When visitors meet the residents at Cotton Branch and hear their stories, waves of sadness and happiness will occur. Stories of rescue and rehabilitation are just that: they begin sad and end usually happy, with worry sometimes in the middle. If visitors don’t already consume a plant-based diet, they will leave adopting the lifestyle, (or at least considering it). Coming to Cotton Branch puts a face to the food a visitor may have eaten his or her entire life. When this happens in person, it’s a bit of a shocker. This is if the picnic held before hand wasn’t already convincing that plant-based food is the bomb!
  3. How Hard Cotton Branch Works: During Family Sunday Fun Day, visitors will quickly see all that the staff of Cotton Branch does to keep the sanctuary going. Between taking care of the residents’ needs, (feeding, building shelters, cleaning, etc.), educating the community, rescuing and transporting animals, and outreach, there isn’t much down time. The small, but compassionate and mighty, staff of Cotton Branch Farm Animal Sanctuary continues to make it happen. Seeing the work of Cotton Branch in person will help visitors really put the efforts of the dedicated staff and volunteers into perspective.
  4. How You Can Make the Difference: Family Sunday Fun Day will leave visitors wanting to come back for more and get involved. Cotton Branch is always looking for assistance from volunteers! There is always something to do at Cotton Branch, whether it’s morning feeding time or someone to help clean, (yep, scoop poop). If someone doesn’t live in town, they can help spread the word about Cotton Branch, advocate for animals, join the transport team, or even donate! With as little as one dollar, a world of difference can be made in the life of a resident at Cotton Branch! There is always a way to be active, and when people leave Fun Day, they will certainly want to start being active for animals and have ideas how to do so!


Families that come to spend the day at Cotton Branch Farm Animal Sanctuary for Family Sunday Fun Day will have the time of their lives, while learning small lessons with a huge impact along the way. It isn’t too late to register for this truly amazing event! Click here to find out how your family can attend!




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