30 Days of Thanks: Topics to Ponder Every Day in November

Normally people think the most about giving thanks for the things in their lives when the holidays roll around, (especially in November when Thanksgiving greets us the last Thursday of the month). On the holiday, some families give thanks at their dinner tables by going around in a circle and sharing what they are most thankful for this holiday season. Honestly, it shouldn’t just be that one day out of the year that we think about giving thanks for life’s many gifts. We should be giving thanks each and every day and show our thanks by being kind to others, (human, non-human, and our planet), even if it is particularly not a good day.

In celebration of November and to get you started thinking about one thing a day that each one of us should ponder on, here is a list of 30 items, (one for each day of November). Meditate, give pause, and ponder these topics and what each one means to you. Try to continue this daily meditation, habit, or celebration throughout the year, (make it your own!). Get the whole family involved, (the topic makes a great discussion piece at the dinner table)!

  1. Nature
  2. Family
  3. Animal Companions
  4. The Sun
  5. Trees
  6. Local Farmers
  7. Wildlife
  8. Our Right to Vote
  9. The Seasons
  10. Children
  11. Animal Sanctuaries
  12. Homeless Shelters
  13. Food Banks
  14. Our Neighbors
  15. Community Organizations
  16. Smiles
  17. Laughter
  18. Compassion
  19. Foster Parents
  20. First Responders
  21. Hope
  22. Generosity
  23. Mobility
  24. Toilet Paper
  25. Compost
  26. Food
  27. The Future
  28. Flowers
  29. Imagination
  30. Yourself

**This article was also featured in Planting Seeds in South Carolina Magazine.