About Me

Writer. Photographer. Dreamer. Animal advocate. Gardener. Hippie at heart. ✌️ Navy wife to Miles. ❤️ Eco-friendly/Crunchy, tattooed mama to Beau, two rescue pups, and Louie, King of Cats. I’m an all around natural living mama, who enjoys mommy-son playdates, reading children’s books, (along with giving the characters different voices), and sing/dance marathons with Beau.

Before graduating with my B.A. in Creative Writing and English, I’ve always worked with animals professionally and voluntarily and have done so for over five years. I’ve worn many hats in the non-profit, animal welfare sector; from dog trainer to humane educator and outreach coordinator to volunteer manager. Like most moms, I’m always a professional multi-tasker and love every minute of it.

I first got inspired to write from reading the works many of authors, such as Sylvia Plath and Gretchen Primack. I strive to inspire readers through kind, honest, creative non-fiction. I currently am working on various children’s stories. Also, I like to write articles pertaining to parenting, sustainability, animals and more.

My writing focuses on educating people on compassion and how to spread the love to all living beings, big and small. My writing can be viewed on MomQuery.com, in Planting Seeds in South Carolina MagazineZOLA Magazine, and Cotton Branch Farm Animal Sanctuary’s blog, The Branch. I am also a freelancer writer for One Green Planet.

Want to contact me? Drop me a line at thefivestarlinglife@gmail.com !


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