Bee Creative! Upcycle and Make a Bee Bath

Summer is in full swing and our lovely, pollinator friends can be seen fluttering and buzzing about. Like most people, I love this time of year for many reasons: the farmers markets are up and running, it’s a good time to dig my hands in the dirt, as well as take long hikes along my favorite trails, and so much more. It’s as if the world is bright and new again; more green, warmer weather, and a lot more sitting on the patio with sweet tea in hand! It’s  a great time to watch your spring/summer gardens flourish, as well as sow some seeds into the ground for fall/winter, (depending on where you live). Nothing could help your garden more, as well as your pollinator friends, than making a bee bath.

What’s a bee bath?

Bees need a place to drink fresh, cool water too! After all of that hard work pollinating our gardens and nearby plants, they more than deserve it! By creating a bee bath and making sure it is full of fresh water is one of the ways to keep our friends coming back to our gardens. Get creative and use some items from your recycling bin, (or trashcan), to make a bee bath! Take a gander at the steps below and get crackin’!


  1. Take an old glass jar lid, (i.e. spaghetti jar lids work perfect), and turn upside down. The lips of the jar lid with be sticking up in the air and you should be able to put some water in the lid and it will contain it.
  2. Place a few small rocks, twigs or pebbles into the lid. This creates a sort of “landing pad” for the bees, so they don’t have to be in the water while drinking.
  3. Place the lid outside, preferably somewhere near your garden.



*This article was also published in Planting Seeds in South Carolina magazine! Check the current issue out here.