Beware! All Candy Isn’t Kind!

YAY! Is it officially autumn and Halloween is quickly approaching, (it’s in 11 days to be exact). Not that I’m counting or anything, (OK, guilty as charged). Halloween is my favorite holiday and autumn is my favorite time of the year, so it is almost expected that I have a countdown going. A question that frequently comes up, (whether it’s Halloween or not), is what a person on a kind diet eats, let alone what candy can be eaten, (i.e. what awesome parents let kids go door to door asking for or adults stock up on at the grocery store for themselves to hide in the cabinet from their kids). Either way, people always question what kinds of goodies kind eaters can actually eat. No kid wants to get a bunch of candy made from crunched up bugs, (carmine), bone char, or gelatin, (made from boiling cow and pig bone, skin, tendons, and ligaments). Yep, these ingredients are actually in a lot of candies. YUCK! Dairy is also a common allergen and a cow’s body secretions meant for a baby cow. Those things don’t seem too kind to me.

There is some good news though! A truck load of different kinds of sweets and candy are actually vegan! Having trouble figuring out which types of kind goodies to give to those trick or treaters or just stash away in your cabinet for when you get a sweet craving? Check out this handy dandy list of kind candy to devour this Halloween:

  • Charms Blow Pops
  • Swedish Fish
  • Endangered Species Dark Chocolate Bars
  • Airheads
  • Annie’s Organic Fruit Snacks
  • Jolly Ranchers, (hard candy)
  • Mamba Fruit Chews
  • Jujubes
  • Twizzlers
  • Now and Later
  • Dots
  • Pez
  • Sour Patch Kids
  • Ring Pops
  • Smarties

**In different countries and regions, some of the above products might contain gelatin or other additives that might not be so friendly. Recipes the companies use also frequently change. When it doubt, always check the package for animal byproducts, such as carmine, gelatin, dairy, (including casein and whey), etc. For more candies and food that are kinder than others, check out these goodies HERE and HERE. In the meantime, grab some Oreos or Fritos and sit back and check out these sites, (yep, most Oreos and Fritos are vegan too).

***This post was also featured on the Cotton Branch Farm Animal Sanctuary’s blog, The Branch. Check it OUT!