Pumping for Liquid Gold: How it Changed my Food Choices

I hook up the pump that milks my engorged breasts. With every hiss and mechanical chug, it sends a burst of milk from my breast and into the bottle below. My nipples become sore from the device, mimicking my baby’s suckles. This process seems never-ending. My nipples crack and bleed from the poor latch of the pump. All of this is worth it in order to feed my baby and supplement his normal nursing sessions.


Up until that last sentence, (where I stated that I do it to supplement my son’s normal feedings), would you be able to tell if I was human? Was I some sort of other mammal? What about a mother cow on a dairy farm…?

Almost always, dairy cows have to be artificially inseminated, (pregnant), and give birth in order to lactate. The female cow gives birth to her beautiful calf, whom is quickly snatched away by the farmers, so the milk from his mother can be pumped and saved. Unlike human mothers, (who pump to nourish their young), mother cows are forced to pump for humans involuntarily. She’s continuously impregnated, gives birth, and has her young taken away all so she can produce breast milk, (that is really meant for the calf), which is then harvested through pumping for the consumption of humans.

What happens to her calf: males are most likely to be sent to a veal/beef farm and females are most likely to have the same fate as their mothers. Any mother who has given birth and then nursed or pumped for their baby feels a strong bond within her heart to that child. Even if she doesn’t pump, she stills feels a bond that is unexplainable by words. What about the mother cow as she watches her newborn calf be drug away from her? Trust me, cows have maternal instincts too. What about a human mother who has her child ripped from her arms? I guarantee it’s one in the same feeling and there’s even video documentation to prove it. In the documentary, “Breastmilk”, a mother asks not to be on camera while she’s pumping because she feels like a “cow”. She was not referring to her body weight either. She was probably referring to the continuous and monotonous pumping.

Mothers most of all should make this connection between the horrors of the dairy industry and what it is doing to the mother cows. If babies were snatched from human mothers, just so their breast milk could be stolen for someone else, there would be outrage. Mothers, please make the connection. Today is as good as any: be compassionate by mot supporting this cruel industry. Ditch the dairy!


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