Cotton Branch: Meet Gordy!

Gordy was hanging out with his guardian and their dog, minding their own business, when a stray dog jumped the fence and attacked them. Unfortunately the dog did not survive the attack. Gordy lived, but lost his left ear in the attack, along with his guardian suffering significant injuries to her hands after trying to fend off the stray dog. Gordy’s guardian had to receive multiple surgeries on her hands, lost her job, and her home, leaving her unable to care for Gordy.

Da, Da Da Daaaaa! Cotton Branch to the rescue!

Gordy, a kind and gentle soul, now resides at Cotton Branch; often following visitors and will do anything for a nice, long belly rub. Trust me, you’re going to want to meet him! Because of Cotton Branch, Gordy can live a life of peace and happiness. Donors and volunteers make it possible for Cotton Branch to educate the community and rescue, transport, and care for farm animals like Gordy.

Visit, volunteer, donate. . . Gordy and the rest of Cotton Branch Farm Animal Sanctuary’s residents appreciate you!

**This article was first featured on The Branch, (Cotton Branch’s blog).