Cotton Branch: Meet Pokey!

For Pokey, the fourth time is definitely the charm! Unfortunately, Pokey’s story starts with a bunch of jumping houses and no place to truly call “home.” When Pokey’s original family acquired him, he was labeled as a “miniature” pot belly pig, (but was really a farm pig). They lived in an apartment and eventually decided to re-home him to another family. After some time with his second family, a third family stepped up and rescued him from that home. The third family had a farm with lots of room for Pokey, but then the unthinkable happened. Pokey’s third family lost their farm, forcing them to make the tough decision to re-home all of their animals, (including Pokey). Pokey, heartbroken and depressed from each move to a different family, finally found refuge at Cotton Branch Farm Animal Sanctuary with the help of its amazingly kind and compassionate team of volunteers!




His third family was told that Pokey was only 4 years old at the time of their rescue, but after observation it appears that he is much older.  Pokey suffers from arthritis and has only little movement in his back legs. He is now on a treatment plan, which includes medication and supplements to help him regain any mobility and decrease pain.




Pokey is a kind, gentle and loving soul, who treasures his relationship with humans. Happily, Pokey has found his forever home at Cotton Branch, where he will not only eat amazing grub, have room to roam and root, and get the medical treatment he needs, but also get all of the love and attention that he could ever imagine, (as well as play with his soccer ball anytime he wants).






Because of Cotton Branch Farm Animal Sanctuary, Pokey can now receive all of the attention and care that he deserves. Dedicated volunteers and donors make it possible for Cotton Branch to do its lifesaving work. Please join us in helping change the world for farm animals, one kind deed at a time. Donate or volunteer today!




*Pictures provided by the lovely folks at Cotton Branch Farm Animal Sanctuary!

**This article was published on Cotton Branch Farm Animal Sanctuary’s blog, The Branch.