Cotton Branch: Meet Willow!

Donkeys are loyal, loving, and, most of all, gentle at heart. When Willow, a Sicilian donkey, was saved from a life of abuse, she arrived at Cotton Branch Farm Animal Sanctuary terrified of humans. After a year of finally receiving the love and care she deserved from Jan Alber-Senn, (Cotton Branch’s founder and director), she learned that compassion, love and positive interaction with humans was possible.

Willow, a once-abused, terrified donkey, who bares the shadow of the Cross along her back, is now living a life of peace, love, and friendship. She can be seen spending time with her best friend, Daisy, (another Sicilian donkey), when she isn’t busy receiving love and hugs from visitors who come to Cotton Branch.


Because of Cotton Branch Farm Animal Sanctuary, Willow can now live a life of peace; free of abuse, neglect, and abandonment. Please spread joy to all sentient beings by supporting Cotton Branch Farm Animal Sanctuary in its efforts to educate the community, rescue, transport, and care for our beloved farm animals by donating andvolunteering today.


**This post was also featured on Cotton Branch Farm Animal Sanctuary’s blog, The Branch.