Daiya Cheezy Mac: Creamy, Dairy-Free Deliciousness

I have been on the hunt for a great dairy-free, macaroni and cheese for quite some time. Earth Balance makes a nice boxed mac and cheese, but I found even when I did mix the powder into the macaroni well after cooking, it was still almost gritty tasting. I have since started making my own mac and cheese, mixing nutritional yeast, Earth Balance, (dairy-free), butter, and some other spices to make something amazing. This is what we usually do when we crave the cheesy, nutty flavor that the homemade mac and cheeze has to offer, but I was still craving that creaminess that I couldn’t seem to get. But then, something amazing happened…

Daiya débuted its dairy-free, cheezy mac varieties! While I love making my homemade macaroni and cheese meal, with a toddler sometimes it is just easier to make something quick without having to measure anything. In our family, we try to live a zero waste lifestyle; reusing, refusing, recycling, composting, upcycling, and homemaking everything that we can. While our homemade recipe is great for living zero waste, Daiya’s option is probably the best boxed, (the box is totally recyclable), dairy-free macaroni and cheese on the market, (at least in my opinion and my toddler’s).

Daiya’s Deluxe Cheddar Style Cheezy Mac is super easy and quick to make, (just cook the noodles and pour the cheezy sauce packet in and stir), and has a deliciously cheezy flavor without harming animals in the process. Like human mothers, cows quickly form close bonds with their young. Unfortunately, dairy cows have their calves taken from them upon giving birth, so females will continue to lactate, (which is taken to be consumed by humans). If the calf is female, she goes on to have the same, heartbreaking fate as her mother as a dairy cow, (seriously, who wants to have her baby taken away). If the calf is male, he will usually be sold for veal or beef.

By choosing a kinder diet that doesn’t harm animals, you can make a world of difference for the animals, the planet, and your body. See for yourself how amazing these sentient beings are by visiting, Freckles, (the cow), and the other residents at Cotton Branch Farm Animal Sanctuary today!

**This article was featured on Cotton Branch Farm Animal Sanctuary‘s blog, The Branch. Please volunteer, donate, and visit the sanctuary today!