Cotton Branch: Meet Noelle!

When Jan Alber-Senn purchased the land that is now Cotton Branch Farm Animal Sanctuary, she also rescued a family of goats, whose fate was to be sent to the market by the previous owner of the property. Those goats became the first official residents of Cotton Branch!


Come to find out, two of the rescued goats were pregnant! Soon after, little Noelle was born! From the beginning, Noelle was always full of personality; always gentle, inquisitive, and happy. Living 10 years alongside her mother was a part of it we’re sure!


Noelle loves meeting new people and receiving love and attention, so much so that she will actually follow you around the sanctuary, (even finding the best opportunities to photo bomb pictures).

When my son and I visited Cotton Branch, Noelle followed us around, receiving love and a pat on the head every chance that she could. I instantly fell in love with her and all visitors to the sanctuary are sure to as well!

Come visit and volunteer at the sanctuary today to meet this lovely gal! 

**This article was featured on Cotton Branch Farm Animal Sanctuary‘s blog, The Branch. Please volunteer, donate, and visit the sanctuary today!