Babywearing: Five Reasons to Start Today

Babywearing is a practice that involves carrying a baby around in a sling or other baby carrier close to the body. Babywearing has been in practice for literately centuries and in all corners of the world. From soothing crying babies to promoting breastfeeding, babywearing has been shown to have multiple benefits to not only babies, but their caregivers.

In April 2014, I started building my baby registry and looked at the loads of options there are for new moms in regard to how to carry your child “on the go”. I quickly figured out that all of the options, (such as strollers, Ergos, Baby Bjorn, Mobys, ring slings, joggers, and more), were all good options. But which one was right from me? I quickly began to realize that I would have to start doing my own research. After lots of Googling, reading reviews of products, and looking at various mom/baby websites, I decided that I would put a few different options on my baby registry and actually try out the products myself.

I chose a stroller, (one that you could easily fold up), and a baby carrier called the Moby wrap. I really liked this option, considering that I have always been a plus size girl and the Moby wrap was a long piece of fabric that I could wrap around my entire body and I knew that it would fit and secure my baby around my annoyingly large breasts, (no other baby carrier would fit because my breast size was too large). Plus, the wrap was pretty darn comfortable and I liked how I could do different kinds of holds with it, depending on the way that I wrapped it around my body and placed my child in it.

After trying both of these products, I definitely enjoyed and had more fun with the Moby. At first, the Moby was a little trickier since I had to figure out how to wrap it around my body and how to position my son securely in it. When I got the hang of it, I would simply wrap myself up in it prior to leaving the house, so when we got to the store, park, or somewhere, I was just able to take Beau out of his car seat and put him in the wrap. I also found that I could carry him around the house and get chores done all while I had him by my side. I work from home and quickly found out that I could even just wear him while I worked. I didn’t even think of this option prior to getting the wrap, but after trying it once, I was hooked.

Don’t get me wrong, the stroller was nice too, (because he was able to ride around), but it was a lot to lug around and wasn’t so helpful when I had to put groceries in the trunk of the car. It was also not very helpful if I had a hand full of bags. I was even given the “Mommy Clip”, which was a giant clip that was placed on the arm of the stroller to hold a purse and bags, but it didn’t hold them very well since the bags would usually put too much weight on the back of the stroller, (which I thought was pretty dangerous). All in all, the stroller was just another thing I had to worry about and the wrap was the big winner.

Interested in hearing more reasons why babywearing is awesome? Below is a list of five reasons to get yourself out to the store, (or even look online for super convenient sewing patterns if you’re crafty), and find a baby carrier that’s right for you!

  1. Bonding: Babywearing promotes not only breastfeeding through skin to skin contact between mother and baby, but also promotes bonding between the caregiver and the baby in general.
  2. Soothing: Babywearing has been shown to sooth crying and colicky infants. Studies have shown that wearing a baby can significantly reduce how long and how much a baby cries on a daily basis.
  3. Exercise and Convenience: Hey new Mommies! Looking to get light exercise and also a load of laundry done? Try babywearing on the go. Babywearing while at the grocery store, around the house doing chores or even taking a stroll around the mall or outside will not only benefit and be fun for your baby, but also help you burn some calories. We all know that it is ten times harder to get motivated when it comes to doing chores, but when you have your baby strapped to your chest; it’s so much easier to get a little cleaning done while also keeping an eye on the little one.
  4. Health: Babywearing, especially for infants who have special needs or are born prematurely, have been shown to thrive and gain weight faster than those that are not babyworn. By being so close, caregivers can also read the cues of their babies easier, which allows them to meet their needs in a more timely manner because when the baby is within closer proximity, the caregiver learns to understand his or her baby’s needs through facial cues, cries, and more. The child learns to trust that the caregiver will meet his or her needs, so it’s good for mental and physical health.
  5. Fun: There are so many different activities a caregiver can do with his or her baby that makes babywearing fun during outings, exercise, at home, and even in restaurants! Try babywearing during gentle yoga or even at the museum. Babywearing isn’t just for newborns either, it’s for toddlers too! They love to see the world from their caregiver’s level, giving them the opportunity to explore at a different perspective. Dlo squats while babywearing: this will surely make your little one laugh and squeal with joy!

Ultimately, babywearing is physically and emotionally beneficial for all parties. Whether the individual is a new mom or has a toddler, there are carriers for everyone, (Moby wraps, many types of slings, Ergo carriers, etc.). If a person is pregnant, a comfortable baby carrier is a must have for a baby registry.

If you would like to know more about babywearing and its benefits, visit


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