Hello, Halloween! 15 Babywearing Costumes for Trick-or-Treating

It’s October now and it’s that time of year where everyone and their Mom, (literately), are about to pick out their Halloween costumes. A yearly tradition for most can easily become a nightmare, (no pun intended), when the right costume can’t be found, (here’s too hoping that you can find the right one before you have a screaming kid on your hands). If you babywear your baby or toddler, like I do, Halloween costumes are almost impossible to buy already coordinated with Mom or Dad’s. We definitely don’t want to buy or make a cute costume for your little one and then have it covered by our Tula or wrap!  I know, I know… you’re probably telling yourself that a baby or toddler is way too young to go trick-or-treating or eat the candy. On the other hand, look at the bright side of things: if you have older kids that need chaperoned or you are going to a family friendly event where costumes are warranted, (or you just want to dress up the family), there are babywearing options for you.

After searching Google, Pinterest, and using my good ‘ole fashion creativity, I created a list of 15 inspirational ideas for babywearing parents and their baby/toddler to create a costume that they can literately take on and off when the baby carrier is being worn.

  1. The Wicked Witch (Mom) and the Scarecrow (child)
  2. Harry Potter (child) and the Nimbus 2000 (parent)
  3. Bacon (parent) and eggs (child)
  4. Bank robber (parent) and bag of cash (child)
  5. Oscar the Grouch (child) and trashcan (parent)
  6. Little Red Riding Hood (Mom) and the Wolf (child)
  7. Spider (child) and the web (parent)
  8. Owl (child) and  a tree (parent)
  9. Turtle (child) and the log (parent)
  10. Rocket (child) and space/the moon (parent)
  11. Eliot (parent) and E.T. (child) on the bike
  12. Gardener (parent) and pot of flowers/or vegetable (child)
  13. Leprechaun (parent) and the pot of gold (child)
  14. Bee (child) and the beekeeper (parent)
  15. Dalmatian (parent) and fire hydrant (child)

These are just the tip of the iceberg and a short list. Get out there, get creative, and make this Halloween spook-tacular!


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