Five Amazing Things to Make with Your Crockpot Besides Dinner

Behold, the Crockpot! It is the kitchen’s secret wonder and useful handy gadget. It can be more versatile and more useful that the oven. Wha? Did I just seriously say that?

YES I did! Crockpots aren’t just for slow cooking your dinner anymore while you are at work or for trying to keep a meal hot at a potluck dinner.  For those that don’t know what a Crockpot is or haven’t used one before, behold its glory at an kitchen appliance section at a Walmart or Target near you.

These fantastic machines come in all shapes, sizes, colors… you name it! There’s a crockpot out there for just about every job. Most people don’t realize all of the extraordinary things that the Crockpot can make besides dinner.

Personally, I just discovered the wonder of this gadget that is just about a must-have for every kitchen, (especially apartment living!). Recently my stove and oven stopped working. I had made this extraordinary zucchini lasagna and was ready to put it in the oven when I realized my oven was not heating. I thought that it was just the pilot light that might be out, so I called maintenance for an easy fix. Come to find out, it wasn’t the pilot light, but some other part that they not only had to have a specialist come in and fix, but they had to special order a part for the oven that they didn’t have on hand. Reluctantly, I pulled out my Crockpot and started hunting for recipes. I haven’t ever had to really use it before and now I was going to have to start using it full time until my oven was fixed.

Fast forward two weeks and my oven still wasn’t fixed. Three special order parts later, they decided that they would give another part one last try before just ordering me a new oven, (that last part was the winner and ended up fixing the problem). So for those two weeks, I had to cook all food in the Crockpot if I wanted something cooked. Those two weeks opened my eyes to all of the wonderful things that the Crockpot can do! Even now that my oven is fixed, I rarely use it!

These are five ways that I used my Crockpot during those two weeks that are not only super cool, but are super convenient, (and they are NOT all food either!):

  1. Breakfast! Try a soufflé of some sort or cinnamon rolls! Give yourself something nice to dream about and wake up smelling.
  1. Dessert! Brownies, pineapple upside down cake, crockpot candy, YOU NAME IT! Anything that you can make in an oven, you can make in a crockpot!
  1. Candles! Who knew? Make sure that you clean it out really good after, but you can make candles in your crockpot! “Hello, kitchen-appliance-that-can-make-items-for-your-home” or for your “playroom”. It’s totally up to you. This way, you can get the scent that’s perfect for, well, whatever it is you’re going to be using them for.
  1. Crayons! You can find a simple recipe to make your own swirl crayons on Pinterest! If you have young kids, it’s totally worth checking out, (even though I totally made these crayons for me).
  1. Soap! I really took advantage of this. I’m pretty much a hippie and make a lot of my own toiletries and personal hygiene products anyway, but these made it so much simpler. I think I made enough soap to last me a year. But like other non-food items that you would make in the Crockpot, be sure to really clean it out when you are done using it. No one wants to eat green bean casserole with a hint of tea tree oil in it.

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