The Great Cow: Cool Facts About These Amazing Creatures

Those familiar with Cotton Branch Farm Animal Sanctuary know that there is a resident, (the only one of his kind at the sanctuary), Freckles, the great cow. I have written about Freckles before and had the biggest honor of meeting him. He’s sweet kind and gentle. He followed my son and me along the fence as we toured Cotton Branch, visiting its residents and handing out apples as treats along the way. I always knew cows were amazing creatures and it was my dream to meet one. This day made that dream come true. Freckles, along with the other residents at Cotton Branch, just further confirmed my values that all creatures that walk this planet are sentient beings and should be treated as equals.

Want to know some reasons why cows are the coolest? Check out the list below and visit Cotton Branch Farm Animal Sanctuary today and see for yourself! Not only will your mind and heart be opened by some of the most amazing people and animals on the planet, but you will forever be changed, (in the best way I promise!).

  1. Just like us, cows form really close relationships with certain cows, dislike others, and can even hold grudges for years, (really sounds like some humans, huh?). They are also extremely social and do not like to spend time alone.
  2.  Mother cows are not only devoted mothers, but care highly for their young and have been known to walk miles to find them.
  3.  Cows have an excellent sense of smell! They can smell something more than five miles away.
  4.  Cows are curious and can be found investigating things that they do not know much about.
  5.  Did you know that cows can hear better than humans? They actually hear lower and higher frequencies than us!
  6.  Cows love music and have been known to sway or congregate for a good “concert.”  Check it out!
  7.  Cows have panoramic vision (up to 360 degrees)! Oh, and they are also red-green colorblind.
  8.  Mother cows have the same gestation period as humans. They carry their babies for 9 months in their womb.
  9. Cows get excited and act proud when they solve problems, (i.e. brainwaves show excitement, they jump in the air, and their heartrate went up).
  10. Cows can live for more than 20 years! Sadly, their sweet lives are taken way too soon in the meat and dairy industry, (i.e. cows in the meat industry are lucky to see their second birthday).

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