Zero Waste Recipe: Peppermint Carpet Freshener

Give your carpet a pick-me-up naturally by swapping your toxic, carpet powder that’s pre-made, (and usually comes in a wasteful, non-recyclable container), and make your own! By making your own carpet freshener, you not only save money, but it is cruelty free, zero waste, eco-friendly, natural, and smells absolutely amazing! Oh, and did I mention it is the easiest thing to make on the planet?! It is almost so easy; I shouldn’t even have to share a recipe for it. For those of you that don’t know what to use this for, you would just sprinkle this lovely powder on your carpets, (each time before you vacuum), and then vacuum it up, (leaving the carpets in your home smelling amazing). For good measure and because I like to share, below is the recipe for peppermint carpet freshener. Mix, sprinkle, and enjoy!

Peppermint Carpet Freshener

*Measurements will vary depending on how much carpet is in your home.

*If you hate the smell of peppermint or want to switch up scents, try using dried lavender flowers!


1 cup of baking soda

½ cup of dried peppermint (you can easily find peppermint in this fashion at bulk stores or online)


  1. Pour pure baking soda into a mason jar or other glass container that you are going to use to store the carpet freshener.
  2. Crush dried peppermint, (this helps release their aroma)
  3. Pour crushed peppermint into jar with baking soda.
  4. Seal jar or container and shake to mix the baking soda and peppermint.
  5. Sprinkle mixture on carpet prior to vacuuming
  6. Vacuum and enjoy the scent!


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